• Barbara Thompson
    Barbara Thompson President

    The President is the spokesperson for the Chorus, she receives information from International and Regional Sweet Adelines, gives out notices to members, runs the Board meetings, agrees the Minutes and Agendas for all meetings and is cosignatory on the bank account. She meets all new Chorus members when they have passed their audition and talks to them about Surrey Harmony.

  • Karen Pallot
    Karen Pallot Vice-President

    The Vice-President stands in for the President when she is away, both at Chorus nights and at Board Meetings. The Vice-President also takes on other tasks such as trying to get sponsorship, etc. The Vice-President also acts as the Chorus Representative, she is the ‘voice’ of the Chorus and any members can approach her with concerns, grievances or suggestions to be raised at the Board Meetings.

  • Helen Atkinson
    Helen Atkinson Treasurer

    The Treasurer is responsible for all the accounting of the Chorus. She takes and banks all monies received, produces accounts each year for auditing, manages the credit card and bank account and is the main signatory on the bank account.

  • Andrea Lawson
    Andrea Lawson Secretary

    The Secretary takes Minutes at meetings and gets copies to Board Members as quickly as possible once they have been agreed by the President, together with emailing a copy to Chorus members and getting printed copies for those not on email. She is also responsible for circulating the Agenda prior to meetings.

  • Ali Church
    Ali Church Membership Secretary
  • Sue Warner, Lorna Easthope, Louise Summerton and Kate Wren
    Sue Warner, Lorna Easthope, Louise Summerton and Kate Wren Visual Team

    The Visual Team lead on the costume and make-up choices for the chorus, deciding on which outfits and what type of make-up will be worn at each singout. They are also responsible for planning and sourcing new costume and other items of chorus clothing like t-shirts and fleeces and jewellery. They ensure that new members have the costume they need and provide guidance and tutorials on applying stage make-up etc.

  • Sarah Saysell and Chris Millsted
    Sarah Saysell and Chris Millsted Performance Organiser

    The Performance Organiser, following discussions with the Musical Director, arranges all singouts for the Chorus, including the fee. They then give lists of forthcoming events to the Chorus, liaising with the Visual Team so the costume details can be decided. They also arrange transport for the risers to singouts that require them.

  • Sarah Dodwell, Vanja Sandelin Blair and Julia Parlett
    Sarah Dodwell, Vanja Sandelin Blair and Julia Parlett PR Team

    The PR team are responsible for keeping Surrey Harmony in the Public Eye, by getting the chorus mentioned in the press whenever possible, preferably with a photograph. They keep the display boards and chorus leaflets up to date and ensure they are at all singouts. They are responsible for managing the chorus website, facebook, instagram, YouTube and twitter channels, as well as designing and printing posters and programmes for singouts, where necessary. They also ensure the chorus has access to up to date photographs and deal with all chorus marketing.

  • Alison Holdom and Jean Dack
    Alison Holdom and Jean Dack Fundraising team

    The Fundraising team is responsible for co-ordinating fundraising efforts and coming up with great ideas to help us supplement our funds, from the 400 club to raffles, coffee mornings, bling sales, jumble sales and more.

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