Barbershop Football – is that a thing?

Oops! Mischief

Barbershop football, is that a thing? It is if you’re a minion!

The Minion Quartet came out of retirement on a rainy Sunday afternoon in October and joined forces with their alter ego Oops! Quartet to raise money for the Sutton Eagles Special Needs Football Club.

Oops! were overwhelmed by the number of people that came to support them. It was an absolutely amazing day and they had so much fun entertaining the audience with the songs they’ve learnt over the seven years they’ve been together. Bass, Vanja said “It was extra fun to bring our crazy friends the minions to life yet again – this time they used their minion logic using a football analogy to explain barbershop singing…but they still sung about bananas. Obviously!”

Tenor, Louise said: “The 100-strong audience was absolutely fantastic; there’s nothing better than to see your audience moved by your message, as well as hearing them laugh at the right time. It was also hilarious when one of the football boys shouted ‘get on with it’ with immaculate timing as our Bass, Vanja, couldn’t find her start note for the hundredth time!! The incredible audience totally deserved their tea and home made cakes at the interval. We cannot thank them enough.”

Oops! send their appreciation also to everyone who helped makes the afternoon happen, and a special thank you to Freddie, one of the many children benefitting from the fantastic activity that The Sutton Eagles Football Club offer, who shared his story with the audience.

They were delighted to announce that the afternoon raised £682 for the Football Club.


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