Set Ready…Go

Surrey Harmony Dress Rehearsal

Our contest set is ready for the big day.  Date: Saturday 13 May, Venue: The Sage, Gateshead, Time: 12.28.   That’s when we get the chance to show off the work we have done over the last 12 months, led by our lovely Director Lorraine Turner.

It’s our favourite weekend of the year, when we get the chance to meet up and sing with friends from all over the UK and the Netherlands for the Sweet Adelines’ Region 31 contest.   We are privileged to have such a wonderful venue for our competition, and look forward to seeing all of the Region’s wonderful choruses and quartets on stage.

A total of 17 Choruses will take to the stage this year.  We wish them all every success after what will be another year of hard work for them as well.

The Quartet competition has 19 entries.  We will be cheering most loudly (of course) for our own quartet, Oops!.  They compete on Friday 12 May at 18.16.   No Minion costumes for them this year because they are taking part in the main quartet competition. But as usual their personalities will shine through for the audience.

As always we are very grateful to family and friends for all the support they give Surrey Harmony.  If you’d like to watch Surrey Harmony or Oops perform you can do so via the Region 31 webcast. A recommended online donation of £5 per session, or £10 for all three events (quartet and chorus competition, and Show of Champions) is requested to help meet the costs of producing the webcast.

Follow us on our Facebook page or if you like to tweet, use #SurreyHarmony or #SANCL17.


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