Singing with hope in our hearts

COAT concertClean water and food to eat is something we take for granted.   Sadly not everyone in the world can do the same.  So we were delighted to put on a show to raise money for a small hard-working Surrey charity, the Caterham Overseas Aid Trust.

St John’s Church in Caterham was the beautiful venue for our concert on Sat November 14.  For nearly 35 years COAT (as it’s known) has been raising money for clean water and food security projects mainly in Africa, but also in Nepal after the big earthquake earlier this year.

It’s the third time we have helped them raise funds, and we’re delighted to support an organisation IMG_5456 copythat’s small in numbers but big in heart .  The concert came less that 24 hours after the tragic events on the streets of Paris.   It seemed appropriate that we should keep the people of Paris in our hearts, and we dedicated our Les Miserables set to everyone affected.


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