Count down to Houston

Did we mention that later this year Surrey Harmony will be heading to Houston, Texas for the Sweet Adelines International Competition?  It’s such serious competition that drives us to raise the bar year after year and an important part of this is coaching.

Surrey Harmony have always been fortunate in the calibre of coaches that travel from the States to whip us into shape and this year is no exception. We were delighted that Carole Kirkpatrick joined us earlier this year for a 5 days intensive coaching to start us on our journey to Houston.

Carole Kirkpatrick is the former Master Director of the top-10 international medallists’, Pacific Sound Chorus in Region 13 and has been a member of Sweet Adelines for 50 years!

Without giving away too many secrets, it was a hard few days of note bashing, choreography, tuning and toning to give our ballad extra heart and add energy and sparkle to the uptune.  We have several singouts coming up in the next few months so why not pop along and catch an early performance of our dazzling new competition numbers.



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