The New Year brings New Challenges for Surrey Harmony

2011 is the year that Surrey Harmony will travel to Houston, Texas for the Sweet Adelines International Competition, so we are kicking off the year with some high quality coaching.

We are very excited and delighted that Carole Kirkpatrick will be joining us this January for a 5 days intensive coaching to get us ready for our journey to Houston.

Carole Kirkpatrick is the former Master Director of the top-10 international medalists, Pacific Sound Chorus in Region 13.

She is also a Certified Expression Judge, past International President, Judge Specialists Moderator, on the International Board of Directors, and the Finance Committee. Carole has been a member of Sweet Adelines for 50 years!

Coaching quartets and choruses, training judges and coaches, and teaching a variety of subjects from vocal production and  directing skills to team building for section leaders, music staff, choreography teamwork and long-range planning are just a few of her many talents.

We’ll have news of how the coaching weekend went, plus news of the other coaches that will be joining us in 2011, once we’ve caught our breath!


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